Man with 132 lb. scrotum finally has life-altering surgery to remove it! (VIDEO)

Wesley Warren Jr., a 48-year-old man from Las Vegas, Nevada, has just become 132 pounds lighter after having his severely enlarged scrotum surgically removed. Yup, you read right. I know, I didn't think this sort of thing was even possible, but apparently this poor man has been living a daily nightmare walking around with a scrotum that's so insanely large, it looked like he had an adult living in his pants.  I guess you can say in this case bigger isn't always better.


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After drawing attention last year for his abnormally huge scrotum, Warren finally received a surgical makeover by Dr. Joel Gelman along with a team of other surgeons at the Center for Reconstructive Urology at the University of California. But it took a while before he finally agreed to the surgery--if you can actually believe that. It's not that he didn't want it done, he definitely did! The man had to wear a hooded sweatshirt on his legs just to cover his scrotum. And his penis was so deeply buried in the mass that he couldn't even urinate like a normal man, instead he was constantly peeing on himself. He suffered a number of other health conditions as a result along with serious depression. Even with all those ailments, when celebrity physican Dr. Mehmet Oz offered to get him the surgery done for free, he inexplicably refused.

Basically after having drawn so much media attention, he didn't want to have to give the show exclusive rights to tell his story. Disturbing, I know. But he was also really afraid of dying during surgery because of his high blood pressure and asthma problems. Luckily, after a long wait, he finally accepted to have the surgery done, in order to feel normal again. And boy, is he ever thankful he did, admitting he's a brand new man now. While there was a chance of complications, he fortunately didn't experience any. His surgery was even filmed for an upcoming TLC documentary on his ordeal.

Warren's incredibly rare condition is actually not very common in the western world. It is seen more in Africa and South East Asia, where it's normally contracted by parasites. Doctors still don't know how he even developed this disease, but luckily for him, it's all over.

I'm just glad that this poor man finally had that enormous scrotum removed. I can't imagine anything more uncomfortable and humiliating than having a body part that's so big you practically can't even walk or pee correctly. Hopefully now he can get on with his life and finally live it to the fullest!

Image via Las Vegas Review-Journal video

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