7 Ways to reward yourself for losing weight that don't involve food

Dieting is no fun if there is nothing motivating you or keeping you going. As anyone trying to lose weight, you'll want to reward yourself, but after all that hard work why waste it on a meal you might end up regretting? It is important to have your cheat days so you don't deny yourself of your favorite foods, but your rewards believe it or not, don't have to be tied to food.

As out of this world as it may sound, there are better ways to reward your current weight loss milestones than by eating tons of chocolate. One could be buying those shoes you've been eyeing or getting that teeny bikini to display the last 5 pounds you lost. You know what I'm talking about! If not, just check out our list of seven ways to reward yourself WITHOUT sabotaging your weight loss success.


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Pedicure/ manicure: Who doesn't love the look of well groomed toes and fingernails? Choose your favorite or most outrageous nail polish shade you can find to spice up your look. And with the warmer weather here, you can display both proudly!  

Create a collection: Start collecting things you enjoy such as scented candles, dolls, and each month after you shed another pound or two add a trinket to your collection. Not only will you have a set of things you love, but it also documents and symbolizes your weight loss journey.

Photo shoot: You can admit you're enjoying the way you look after dropping those 20 pounds. Your clothes look better, you feel more confident, so why not treat yourself to a professional photo shoot? And six months from now when you see those pictures and look EVEN better, you'll be proud that you've made it that far.

Buy cute workout clothes: Nothing motivates me more to go to the gym than buying new workout clothes. By showing off your bod's latest weight loss success in form fitting exercise clothes, you'll look forward to completing your next workout. And it will motivate you to hit the gym more often!

Pay yourself: Yep, you read that right. Set yourself a short term weight loss goal and tuck away $5 or $10 at every weight loss milestone. In the end you'll not only see money accumulating, but you can use it to reward yourself with that Victoria's Secret bikini you've been eyeing.

Weekend getaway: Nothing is more relaxing than going away even if it's for a couple of days. By jetting out of town with your hubby or girlfriends, you'll unwind and take part in some fun activities. You'll be too distracted to even think of food!

Personal trainer: You're finally 10 pounds away from your goal weight, so why not hire a trainer? Although sometimes pricey, a personal trainer can help you reach your ideal weight sooner and teach you strategies that you can apply to your workouts later on.  You're just only a few workouts away from your ultimate beach bod!

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