Avoiding the temptation to eat junk food and stay on course is hard enough to do on a daily basis. So just imagine how difficult it must be to fight the urge to eat while unconscious! That's exactly what 55-year-old British mom Lesley Cusack has to do every night.



Cusack suffers from a sleep-related disorder that causes her to eat up to 2,500 calories at night while she is asleep! Alarms have not been able to prevent her from getting up and her nocturnal binge eating has forced to diet during the day to compensate. To make matters worse, her consumption isn't limited to actual food. She's previously ingested everything from soap power to Vaseline and even paint! Can you imagine waking up and realizing you've eaten paint?! So gross, not to mention dangerous.

I don't know how Cusack deals with such a disruptive disease. But amazingly enough, that's far from the only crazy sleep disorder out there. Below, 6 things you never knew you could do in your sleep:

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