Hilarious new ad pokes fun at annoying diet commercials (VIDEO)

Do you find diet commercials as irritating as I do? Every time I see an ad for a new "miracle" product or weight loss service, I can't help but cringe. How can I not when most of them are just chock-full of annoying cliches? That's why I love this hilarious new video that pokes fun at every other diet ad out there.

Made by the food advocates at LowLow, the video basically parodies the relationship between food and all those stereotypical female characters that are regularly featured in normal weight loss commercials, like "Ditzy Gal," "Muffin Gal," and "Smug Gal." And trust me, watching it will make you roll on the floor laughing.



The commercial follows "Ditzy Gal" as she prances around unnecessarily, "Muffin Gal" as she struggles to fight her love for cake, and "Smug Gal" as she eats only crackers in an effort to fit into her skinny jeans.

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"Portions need to be teeny weeny because you gotta fit into that bikini," the hilarious background song says, before going on to ask, "How many cliches are we gonna stand?"

Haha, how great is that?! I love that this ad manages not only to make fun of all those other completely unoriginal diet commercials, but also points out that there is more to a woman's life than just worrying about her weight. FINALLY! I'm relieved to see that there are companies out there that actually try to encourage females to embrace their bodies, instead of insisting that a size zero is better. If only real commercials were more like this one!

Watch the hilarious spoof ad here:

Image via YouTube

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