Woman's breast implant falls out in post-surgery nightmare (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Lauren Yardley, a 25-year-old British woman who recently underwent a breast augmentation, was left with an uneven chest after a nightmarish post-surgery complication made her implant fall out of her body! The poor girl just wanted to look curvier (who doesn't?) and underwent surgery to transform her modest A cups to curvaceous DDs. Who knew that boosting her bust would end in this horrific post-surgery experience?


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The young woman from Coventry, U.K. started to detect signs of trouble just two months after the surgery was performed. Her left breast began to swell much more than her right and started to feel very hard and painful. Apparently, her breast had rejected the transplant--a pretty common side effect her doctors had warned her about. But even after having gone through surgery again to fix the problem, it only got worse. Her implant literally fell out of her body even through her stitches. Could you imagine? But wait … it still gets worse. Things got so bad that doctors couldn't immediately reoperate after the second surgery. She had to walk around a half year with one small breast and one very large one.  

I'm constantly hearing stories about plastic surgeries gone bad and that's just one of the reasons why I've honestly never considered it. But if I ever did think about getting breast implants, this would have been enough for me to change my mind. Not only was this woman put in a potentially dangerous situation, but imagine spending a half year with a completely uneven bust? If you ask me, she was much better off with her humble little A cups.

Even after such a traumatizing experience, Yardley herself says she would totally do the surgery again. Wait … what? "People always ask me if I would have implants again after all I have been through, but I always say yes," she said to The Sun. "I don't regret it at all."

Are you kidding me? I'm sorry, but I'll take a flat chest over what that woman went through any day. You'd think after having lopsided boobs she'd finally be embracing her natural shape. I guess for some people looks really are everything. So sad!

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