Woman's crazy disorder makes her see the world upside down & I can't even imagine

How weird would it be to only see the world upside down? For 28-year-old Bojana Danilovic who suffers from a rare condition called spatial orientation phenomenon, seeing the wrong way is actually a normal, everyday thing. Who knew there were so many crazy disorders out there, right?


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Danilovic was born with this disease that only allows her to see upside down due to an abnormal connection in the way her brain process images. In other words, her eyes technically see images right but her brain changes them. How it happens or what even causes this is what neurological experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Harvard University are still trying to figure out. Poor girl!

Danilovic's rare condition means she has to have a special upside down computer screen and keyboard at work. She reads papers from the bottom up, she watches a TV balanced on its top and even has special upside down forms to fill in for her job at the Uzice town hall in Serbia.

And to think I've spent years complaining about my poor eye sight. I've been wearing glasses since I was like ten and contact lenses since junior high school. I've even thought about getting Lasik eye surgery because the idea of waking up in the morning and being able to actually see the digits on my alarm clock seemed totally amazing to me. But I have to say after hearing about this woman's unusual vision problem I realized I really don't have it THAT bad. I can't even imagine not being able to see things right side up.

I just hope that scientists are finally able to find out what's behind Danilovic's  problem and relieve this poor woman of this rare condition.

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