perky boobs tricks

Every woman wants to enjoy firm, youthful and perky breasts. But let's face it, our boobs aren't exactly the same as they were when we were younger. Weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and simply aging can take a toll on your bust, causing it to lose perkiness and begin to sag. Fortunately, there are solutions to help firm up a sagging bust regardless of your age or size. Check out a few of these breast-lifting tricks and tips that will help give your breast and confidence an instant boost--no surgery necessary!

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You may have just given into gravity and are sitting there cross-armed hiding what once upon a time was one of your best assets. So many of us can totally relate. But why, if there are options, should we not find the way to bring those assets back up to where they should be.

Sagging breasts no more!, I say. And that's what these tricks are all about, regaining our confidence without going under the knife. Are you ready to do it, too?

Do push ups. 1

Do push ups.


Believe it or not, push-ups don’t just work out your triceps and your shoulders, but also your chest. Make sure you target the muscles behind the breast tissue. Place hands on the floor far outside the shoulder line, this will help work out more of your chest muscle, resulting in a much firmer bust.


Arm resistance is your friend. 2

Arm resistance is your friend.


At 50-something and three kids later, my mother still has a set of youthful-looking, perky breasts.That’s because she does an arm exercise that helps keep them firm and toned. Take both arms if front of you and make a prayer pose, bringing your hands together. Press your palms tightly and you’ll instantly feel the muscle in your breast area trigger. Do this several times for results.


Proper posture can work miracles. 3

Proper posture can work miracles.

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Your breasts will appear firmer and perkier if you constantly practice proper posture. Just stand up straight and thrust out your chest. It makes a difference!

Use dumbbells properly. 4

Use dumbbells properly.


Grab two dumbbells, anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds (depending on your strength) and open your arms out until they’re level with your shoulders. Bend elbows at a 90-degree angle and hold them out to the sides parallel with shoulders. Slowly lift both weights at the same time, palms facing each other until they come together slightly above you. This exercise specifically targets the pectoral muscles that underlie the breasts.


Wear a supportive bra. 5

Wear a supportive bra.


A good bra doesn’t just give the illusion of perkier breasts, but it a;sp supports them, preventing additional stretching or sagging. See a lingerie specialist and get fitted for the right bra, or read on how to measure your bust size here.

Do T-planks. 6

This move is not as easy as it seems but it can really help increase the muscle in the area that will make your boobs look perky and perfect. Check out how to master the move here.


Use chicken cutlets. 7

Not actual chicken meat, but the reusable silicone inserts that look like cutlets. In lieu of surgery and when you want an extra lift, use these inserts in your bra. No one will be the wiser!

Swim! 8



Swimming if you can helps strengthen the muscles around and under your breasts which will make them much less saggy. Bonus: Swimming can also help reduce all that annoying underarm and upper arm flab!


Do the hot-cold water trick. 9

Do the hot-cold water trick.


Before you get out of the shower, alternate between the cold and hot water to increase the circulation to your breasts and increase their size temporarily. This trick is especially good before a night our or special event!

Use strategically placed makeup. 10

Use strategically placed makeup.


It's so easy to do: When you're wearing a low-cut top, draw a Y-shape with bronzer from the middle of your breasts out, which will give them more dimension. To finish, user a luminizer on the tops of each breast. Check out our tips to do this!


Trim your waist. 11

Trim your waist.


A slim waist will make your breasts look fuller and perkier by default. Do some yoga and pilates moves that will help trim your core and waist without necessarily making you lose too much weight (and breast tissue!).