If your idea of dieting doesn't include starving, eliminating bread, sweets, meats, or fats, then you'll want to try out the Mediterranean diet! In time for Heart Health Month, new studies have finally proven beyond a doubt that the Mediterranean diet helps reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke by as much as 30 percent. The diet, which is high in olive oil, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and fish, has long been touted as one of the healthiest out there. Now, as Latinos we hate the idea of having to stop eating our favorite dishes just to lose a couple of pounds, and you don't have to with this age-old diet, which will satisfy your hunger and help you lose that stubborn weight.

Check out some of the essential ingredients of this diet, which will be easy for you to incorporate into your everyday meals so you can reap the full benefits of this miracle diet!


The other problem with dieting is that it feels like a full time commitment and not all of us have the time to sit down and prep meals every day. So we found a little dieting loophole which will help you get the essential nutrients as per the Mediterranean diet without having to sacrifice time or your appetite! 

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The reason for its effectiveness and healthy components is because of the quality of fat eaten in the diet, says Dr. Miguel Angel Martinez-Gonzalez, who led this latest study. Although most foods are permitted on the Mediterranean diet, the ones that are off limits include refined breads, sodas, red meats, and processed meats. But the diet is so realistic to daily eating, that it was found to help dieters keep the most weight off too!

Although it may be difficult to eliminate some of these vices right away, luckily it is suggested that you start out the diet with small changes. So we've come up with easy ways for you to try out the Mediterranean diet by slowly adding some of our nutrition-rich Latino foods into your diet!

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