Hot guys demonstrate how to perform self-exam in best breast cancer ad EVER (VIDEOS)

Every woman knows how important it is to perform a breast self-exam every now and then, but not everyone knows the proper way to do so. Luckily, the group Rethink Breast Cancer came up with the perfect way to teach us--by having hot guys demonstrate on their super muscular bods!


The clip was made by women from the organization in 2011 and is once again making the rounds, probably because it's freaking AWESOME. "It's come to my attention that many women aren't checking regularly for breast cancer," the doctor at the beginning of the video says. "I'd love to discuss how we can change that but ... it's come to my attention that women are more likely to watch a video if it features a hot guy." Can't argue with that one!

Enter Anthony, hot guy #1. Anthony show us how to use "Your Man Reminder," a REAL free app which gives you regular reminders from hot guys to check your breasts, as well as videos on how to do so and information on nutritional diets and other health facts. Um ... is this genius or what? Hey, if other companies can use hot girls to promote basically everything, then women deserve to get their share of eye candy too. In fact, I think more businesses should take note because we need more commercials like this. WAY more.

Last year, Rethink Breast Cancer released an updated version of the "Your Man Reminder" commercial and app, also featuring Hot Guy Anthony. Check them both out below. I guarantee you'll be more motivated to self-check afterwards!

Introducing the "Your Man Reminder"

Hottest App Upgrade EVER

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