6 Common dieting pitfalls that are keeping you from losing weight

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror after a month of dieting and wonder what you're doing wrong? That kind of thinking is actually more common than you'd imagine, since there are definitely some pretty common dieting pitfalls that we all forget—or simply just aren't aware of.

That's what I found out when I took Parade magazine's "What's Keeping You From Losing Weight?" quiz and was reminded about some of the things I know I could be doing better. These 6 common dieting pitfalls that are keeping you from losing weight aren't great but, luckily, there's something we can all do about it—ASAP!


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1. Forgetting to track fiber: Although weight loss ultimately comes down to calories in versus calories out, research also suggests that keeping track of your fiber intake each day is a BIG help when it comes to weight loss. The truth is that a fiber-rich diet helps you lose weight, since these foods help you to stay full longer and therefore actually eat less!

2. Not having your whole grains: I can't stress this point enough, in particular because it actually goes back to all of that fiber-loving you should be doing. Switching from refined grains to whole grains is a very important step. Opt for options like brown rice and quinoa instead of white rice and white potatoes, since they raise your blood sugar and make you want to eat sooner.

3. Forgetting to stock up on low-cal snacks: This is a lesson I learned the hard way several years ago and now subscribe to every single day. If you want to keep your figure or, even better, drop some pounds, you have to be aware that you might get hungry throughout the day—and have the options to quell that hunger. Personally, I always keep some fruit, 100-calorie popcorn bags, nuts and 4oz. packets of Greek yogurt near me so that I have healthy options if hunger strikes!

4. Forgoing breakfast to save on calories: I know what you might be thinking: "If I skip breakfast, then I can have a bigger lunch." Well, unfortunately that's a very common misconception. Although technically you'll be saving yourself some calories in the morning, you'll also be slowing down your metabolism, which will hurt you later on in the day as your body won't be able to burn off the rest of your food as efficiently.

5. Skipping sleep to get to the gym early: I know that exercising in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your body but waking up early and losing out on sleep is actually one of the worst! Although I want to encourage everyone to work out when it is best for them, lack of sleep is actually a big problem for weight loss since being tired often makes you reach for sugary foods. Instead, opt for a full night's rest and figure out another workout plan.

6. Eating way too little: This is a similar issue as with the whole skipping-breakfast thing. If you're eating too little, your body's metabolism is going to slow down and you'll likely hit a weight loss plateau. It's actually better to be eating too much (since you can then exercise some more to burn off the extra calories) than eating too little (since then your body will barely be burning ANYTHING off!). Instead, opt for healthy, balanced meals and stop driving yourself crazy!

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