A simple hug from her mom causes this little girl extreme pain

Imagine if you had a condition which caused you to break into painful blisters at the slightest touch? Unfortunately, 7-year-old Maisy Keetch wakes up every morning with extremely painful blisters on her skin due to a condition called epidermolysis bullosa (also known as the butterfly syndrome).

The condition affects the top layer of the skin which is not knitted together properly and can cause raw blisters if slightly touched. This is especially hard for her mother, Amy, to deal with since she can't even give her daughter a comforting hug without her breaking out into rashes.


How sad! This poor little girl has to suffer with a debilitating condition that not only is painful, but prevents her from having a normal life like other children her age. I also feel bad for her mom, Amy, because as any good mother would do, she can't even comfort her without causing her daughter pain.

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According to The Sun, the condition is called butterfly syndrome because the skin is fragile much like an insect's wings. Little Maisy has to keep her arms bandaged up to prevent anything from slightly touching her, is set to be on medication permanently, and has a life expectancy of only 30 years.  

Sadly, even getting around is a difficult task for Maisy who has to use a wheelchair due to the pain it causes her to walk. She tries to live life as normally as possible, but even she has to be careful when playing with other children at her nursery school. But Maisy is now noticing the differences between herself and other little girls her age and questions why her skin doesn't look as smoothly as theirs. Thankfully her mother reassures her that everyone has flaws, but it doesn't make her any less beautiful.

Amy admits that her daughter's condition makes every morning difficult because she will wake up in screaming pain due to new blisters that develop on her body. The mother recalled having a feeling that there was something wrong with Maisy from the moment she was born. But she remains hopeful that Maisy will do her best to live life normally as she even wants to try and become a beautician in the future.

It breaks my heart that this little girl has to suffer from such an awful disorder. She seems so happy and full spirited that hopefully she can accomplish all she wants out of life. Her mother is strong willed and is doing a great job raising her daughter by being reassuring that she's just as beautiful as her peers and supporting her dreams. I hope doctors can find a cure for this terrible disease so that Maisy and other people who suffer from it can live longer and put the pain to rest.

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