Recall Alert! Ground beef tainted with salmonella found in multiple states

Before you get caught up preparing meals for the Super Bowl this weekend, you might want to keep ground beef off the menu. Federal Health officials have reported at least 16 cases of salmonella food poisoning linked to ground beef.

The Huffington Post reports that many of the cases occurred in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and some people even had to be hospitalized. How scary!


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly said that that this recall was related to last week's recall of over 1,000 pounds of ground beef in two Michigan food establishments. The current recall was sparked after health officials say 7 people ate a raw ground beef dish called Kibbeh at a Detroit restaurant that caused, them to fall ill.

Thankfully no deaths have been reported. I guess this means we all have to watch out when purchasing meat to make those sliders for the big game this weekend. You don't want your guests to leave with diseases that can be contracted from tainted food. It's probably best to avoid the ground beef for now. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.  

Image via artizone/ Flickr

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