Men might have a real reason for acting like big babies when they get sick

Ladies, you and I both know one absolutely undeniable truth about the difference between men and women: men become absolutely the WORST babies whenever they're sick.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to bring some sopita to my papi growing up, who would take to bed for three days straight when the lightest little fever started. The same later happened with my man, who complained so much that I swear he was giving birth to quintuplets with how much pain he was supposedly in. Like most chicas I knew, I just rolled my eyes and took care of him. But for all of the ways I always thought men exaggerated, it now turns out that "man flu" might actually be real!


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To be honest, I would have NEVER believed that this so-called "man flu" is a real thing. It always seemed that men are just not strong enough and really just want to be taken care of while they're sick, whereas we ladies tend to go on about our days to the best of our abilities. Well, turns out I was kind of sort of wrong ... maybe.

According to MSN Now, a prominent neuroscientist in the U.K., Dr. Amanda Ellison, says that men really ARE more affected by flu symptoms because they have more temperature receptors in their brains than women. Therefore, "men feel rougher when they have a temperature," she said, which is the body's way of burning off the bug.

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Well, that actually sounds like it could make a lot of sense! The only problem? The good doctor admits that there is no hard evidence to prove her theory. Well, that's just too bad. I guess, for now, we will just have to go on dealing with our acting-like-a-baby sick men and hoping that it really IS just in his head--and that the good doctor is right about this one.

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