31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #24

It's really crunch time here for our challenge. We only have a week left and I really hope that you're keeping strong. As we keep going with our last set of tips, we're really going to focus more time on those tiny little things that you didn't even realize are going to help you lose weight. This new tip takes a look at another big culprit of overeating and not losing weight.


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This time we're tackling portion control. Well, actually, we already did that--so this time we're tackling cutting portions in such a tricky way that it will actually shock you. It turns out that cutting your sandwich and your other food (say, like that grilled chicken breast?) into smaller portions actually fools your brain into thinking that you've eaten more.

Yes, really! It feels weird to say that cutting your sandwich a particular way will help you lose weight, but it really WILL! If you're taking into account our other tips about eating healthy, well-balanced meals and taking your time with them, add this trick to the mix and your brain will have you feeling satisfied with your meal in no time.

Come on, isn't this one of the easiest tips we've featured so far? I mean, there are a lot of things that I hope you're doing right now (at least I know that I'm trying!) but cutting your food a little smaller? That's definitely something that we should all be able to manage, no matter how good your motivation is that day. All it takes is a couple extra slices with the knife and, voila! You'll notice yourself eating less.

Of course, make sure to keep track of how you feel and don't get yourself get too full. But in the meantime, enjoy those itty bitty bites of fish and make sure to come back for Tip #25 tomorrow!

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