31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #20

How are you doing on our 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight challenge? Can you believe it that it's been 20 days already? If you've been following our advice, then you know some of our best weight loss tips and tricks, but our next tip is going to REALLY come in handy and make your life 10x easier. So, go ahead, and take a look at Tip #20!


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Every single Sunday, I start my day the same way: I eat a healthy breakfast, exercise a little, and then do my big weekly grocery shopping. The biggest part of this ritual is that I then come home and cook a couple BIG batches of food. I know that might sound way too time consuming, but hear me out!

I don't necessarily do this when it comes to meals for my family, but I do very much try to prepare several ready-to-go healthy meals for myself. That way, when I wake up on Monday morning and head to work, I have something that I can grab with me. I don't have to depend on worrying what I can buy (and where!) that will be healthy and something that I actually want to eat (as in, not bland or boring). I always maintain that I would never be able to lose weight if I had to eat "boring" healthy food.

By cooking my own meals, I ensure that I am not only eating nutritious but also delicious meals. That's very important to me and, well, I think it's pretty important to you, too! After all, you don't want to be eating disgustingly unflavored food all month, since that is certainly NOT a habit that you'll be able to keep up! At least I know I can't.

That's why I depend on some of our best healthy Latin recipes and make a couple, in big batches, for the coming week. The other thing I know is that I just can't have the same lunch several days in a row. Instead, when I make those big batches, I immediately divide them up into individually-sized Tupperware containers and freeze any that I won't be eating that week.

It's a strategy that has been working for me for years, and I really enjoy taking half of a day to make some easy, delicious lunches that I can depend on to be healthy AND keep the weight off. After all, isn't that what this whole challenge is all about? Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip!

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