31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #19

It's Saturday! I know a lot of people like to take it easy on the weekends. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, as long as you're still keeping up to date with our 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight challenge and especially making sure you remember our healthy dining out rules, including sharing your dessert! Now, what's Tip #19? Let's find out!


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Whenever you start to lose weight (and I certainly hope you are!), this is around the day that your body might start to slow down and you'll stop seeing the numbers drop. This is called hitting a plateau. It can happen at any time and it is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. So what do you do? How do you get out of a slump when you're doing everything you should be doing but not losing weight anymore?

This is the PERFECT time to shake up your routine! I bet by now you're really starting to get things down. You're eating healthier, getting more exercise--so what do you do? Once I see myself hitting a plateau or even just starting to get bored, I know it's the time to switch things up. For me, that usually means trying a new kind of exercise. Two recent favorites: yoga and Zumba!

Doing something completely different in your exercise routine is usually the best way to get out of a plateau. If you usually do walking, then try dance. If you typically dance, then try yoga! Just do something to shock your body, muscles and brain into getting back to your weight loss.

You can also change things up with your food. I wouldn't recommend going away from eating half of your plate full of veggies but you CAN change up what else you're having. Eating a lot of chicken and fish? Go vegetarian! Or, alternately, give up all grains and stick to fish with greens. You can even try giving up dairy products for a week and see how you feel.

The point here is to just experiment with something new. Stick to those healthy habits, but raise them to another level by reminding your body of your purpose. And, as always, check back for Tip #20 tomorrow!

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