Miracle drug Viagra may be the magic pill for weight loss!

You know that magical little pill that men can take to, ahem, rise to the occasion in the bedroom? Well, now scientists are saying that Viagra may be good for more than just a roll in the hay--the erectile dysfunction pill may actually be the best weight loss pill EVER! That's right, it turns out that Viagra might actually help us all lose some much-needed belly fat and more. At least, that's if we believe that this miracle boner pill can be even MORE of a miracle by also helping us drop the excess weight. I mean, seriously, can it be true?!


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Here's what happened, according to Jezebel.com: Scientists treated mice with sildenafil (the scientific name for Viagra) and the researchers at University of Bonn found that the drug converts white fat cells and mice that were fed the drug over long periods of time actually "became more resistant to obesity even when fed a high-fat diet." So, basically, Viagra helps fight fat! That's not all, though, according to the findings:

If white fat cells are further "stuffed"/accumulating lipids, they are increasing in size and can synthesize and release hormones which in turn cause inflammation thus increasing the persons risk for chronic diseases. Such inflammatory responses may then lead to, e.g., cardio-vascular diseases resulting in heart attacks and strokes, as well as cancer and diabetes.

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I honestly don't even know how to react to this news. I mean, Viagra seems like the last pill that would help you lose fat and increase your health thanks to getting rid of the white fat cells that increase your risk of certain diseases. But, well, can it be true? While scientists sort it out, I certainly hope that they figure out how this might be used safely for women. Though in the meantime, I think I'll just stick to losing weight with our 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight challenge instead, even if the promise of this pill really DOES sound like a miracle.

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