Inspiring woman loses 222 pounds to compete in triathlons!

I know what it's like to lose a lot of weight, since I lost 100 pounds thanks to a gastric bypass a few years ago, but even I'm incredibly shocked and inspired by the woman who lost 222 pounds--and now she's competing in triathlons! It takes one really strong spirit to not only lose that huge amount of weight but also to take part in a contest that has people typically swimming, cycling, and doing some long-distance running. I mean, seriously, WOW!


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A little over two years ago, Aimee Smith of Janesville, Wisconsin, finally decided to weigh herself and was shocked to see that she towered over at 427 pounds. Making the difficult decision (as I did) to get a gastric bypass, she then proceeded to overhaul her entire lifestyle and lost half her body weight. Not only that, though, but she's keeping the weight off by embracing her inner athlete and competing in triathlons, running 10K runs and is even training for a marathon in the Spring. 

I'm incredibly inspired by this woman's journey and, most of all, by her determination to keep going. She's even got some helpful words for the rest of us who may not be so athletically minded and still struggling with food: 

You've got to change your relationship with food. Start thinking of it as fuel rather than a friend you can rush to whenever you're having an emotional problem. I then can enjoy the one item – it's been very liberating to not be so tied to food. It's not always helpful to look at the big picture. Start small and if you can only do two steps at a time, do that and then do it again tomorrow.  Progressively build on what you can.


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