31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #17

It's Thursday and, typically, this is the day of the week that I start to feel my motivation teetering off. Are you feeling like this? Well, that's why Tip #17 in the 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight challenge is here to help us!


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Today is considered the biggest night in television. I mean, I know that I watch about four shows on Thursdays and, yes, I know that's a LOT. But for the sake of not being a lazy (and overweight) bum for the rest of my life, I figured out one major thing that we can all do to aid our weight loss, all while still indulging in some TV-watching time: circuit training during commercials!

Circuit training is basically doing a series of high-intensity exercises, along with resistance training, for about a couple of minutes each. The point is to go really hard for a few minutes and then slow down. Some say that circuit training actually helps you burn 30 percent more calories, so why not give it a try?!

The way that I incorporate these high-intensity exercises into my nightly routine is by doing something major every time that a commercial comes on. Once that happens, I will immediately get up and DO something. Some of my favorites include jump rope, jumping jacks, pushups, running in place or even putting on some music and shaking my booty for the three-ish minutes that the commercial lasts.

The key for me is to do something that will immediately get my heart racing and my body start to sweat. I love this method because it gets me doing something but it also allows me to enjoy my evening. It's almost the best kind of motivation there is, since I'm truly getting the best of both worlds: relaxing AND exercising at the same time. And who doesn't want that?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Tip #18!

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