Shocking video finally reveals why men have nipples!

There are parts of the human body that have always been a mystery. For example, we've all probably wondered: why do men have nipples? It turns out science has answered our question and the reason will shock you!

Although we are distinguished by our genders, men and women actually once were the same in the uterus as fetuses. Confused yet? Read on to find out which sex is the most dominant!


There have been times I wonder how our bodies develop when we're mere fetuses and how our genes determine what gender we become. And now it looks like I have the answer, and boy is it life shattering!

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According to an ASAP Science video, there is a point when males and females are BOTH females because of their chromosomes. Women are determined by the X chromosome while men are determined by the Y chromosome. Men and women during the first 5 to 6 weeks of development share the X chromosome, until the SRY gene kicks in and the Y chromosome enters, thus creating the male.

But how does that answer the question about why men have nipples? As the video reveals, nipples develop on both men and women before the SRY gene kicks in for males--therefore they started life out as females too!

As mind boggling as that may be it makes a lot of sense. Once this SRY gene is activated in males, their body parts develop to distinguish them as men, but they don't develop breasts like we do. But what happens if the Y chromosome isn't triggered? It turns out that the fetus still follows normal male development, but will attain feminine attributes.

That's crazy right?! It's amazing to know that we all start out as females and eventually one little switch in genes changes that and creates males. I guess if a guy ever challenges us as to who the better sex is, we can always counter with this interesting scientific fact!  

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