31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #10

The biggest issue when it comes to weight loss is healthy eating. Latinos just don't have those good habits and the ones that we DO have are difficult to break. Part of our 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight challenge has been to focus on eating healthier and we're committed to keep going! So, are you ready for Tip #10?!


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Well, here's the thing: We Americans are now eating 1/3 of our meals outside of the home, so when it comes to eating healthy we HAVE to think about the things that we are consuming in restaurants. That's right, today's tip is all about healthy dining out!

Although a study found that calorie counts in restaurants aren't always accurate (though, surprisingly, fast food chains scored the most points), I still think they're an absolutely fantastic idea. You don't have to necessarily choose the least caloric dish on the menu in order to make your restaurant outing a good one, but you SHOULD stick to things that are much less than many of the menu items.

My basic rules are: Opt for steamed, baked or grilled instead of anything that's been breaded and fried. The same goes for your side dishes: Go for steamed or roasted veggies instead of a dressing-drenched salad, mashed potatoes, or pasta. If you can, substitute brown rice for white rice or whole-wheat pasta for regular pasta. Even better, though, just ask for a double serving of vegetables!

You really can't go wrong with something like a spicy grilled chicken breast or a parchment-steamed lemony fish dish with vegetables. If your order comes with a starter, try a simple salad (no cheese or croutons!) with oil and vinegar. Remember: Your healthy dish doesn't have to mean "boring", so don't be afraid to try things that use lots of spice, like a blackened fish or ancho-chile brushed roasted Brussels sprouts.

Go ahead and indulge in a little healthy eating when you're in a restaurant! And make sure to come back for tomorrow's weight loss tip!

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