31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #7

Yesterday's Tip #6 about cleaning out the closet was VERY valuable. I spent six hours doing some hard labor: getting rid of clothes, putting discarded items in bags and taking them to a donation center. My arms are sore today, so I definitely burned some calories! But it's not over, as you'll learn from the 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight Tip #7 today.


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I know I've already mentioned the importance of incorporating a little bit of exercise into your day by walking a little bit, but today's tip is about how to easily burn 100 calories. Now, I want you to keep doing your walking but also adding one of these to your routine as well and burn 100 calories each!

  • Walk 1 mile (about 20 minutes)
  • Pull weeds or plant flowers (20 minutes)
  • Mow the lawn or shovel snow (20 minutes)
  • Clean house (30 minutes)
  • Jog (10 minutes)

That's right! Let's start our week off by burning some MAJOR calories. I know 100 isn't all that big, but a little bit goes a long way if you're really looking for long-term weight loss. Try combining 2 of these a day or adding them on the days that you're walking, too. For instance, you can walk for 20 minutes and then spend half an hour cleaning your house. You can shovel snow and then jog around the block. Try a different combination and get yourself MOVING!

Good luck, chicas, and make sure to come back for tomorrow's tip!

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