Le Parcel delivery service brings tampons & chocolate right to your door! (VIDEO)

Great news ladies--you can officially spare yourselves those annoying, late-night/last-minute tampon runs. Why? A company called Le Parcel is now offering a delivery services that literally brings feminine hygiene products to your door. Isn't that genius! Why have I never thought of that before?!


For $15 a month, Le Parcel delivers your preferred version of tampons or pads from the brands you like, along with some chocolate and an additional mystery gift. All users have to do is choose their favorite type of products, enter the date in which they expect to start menstruating and voila! The goodies get brought right to you without you (or your man--come on, you know you've had him buy your "necessities" at some point or another) ever having to step in to a pharmacy.

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Though some seem to find the concept silly or kind of sexist, I personally think it's a fantastic idea. Is it a little clichéd to think that women are so hindered by their periods that all they can do is sit by the door and wait to get packages of pads and chocolate? Kinda. But does it matter? Not really. 'Cause the truth when it's that time of the month for me, ALL I'm wishing for is that someone would bring me tampons, Advil, and a damn Kit Kat bar.

Plus, it's actually a very smart business concept. I know plenty of women besides myself who have made one too many midnight trips to CVS and would definitely be interested in joining this service. If only someone had thought of this years ago!

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