Confirmed: Our Latino tempers will actually help us live longer!

Excellent news for Latinos! A new study shows that having a temper is actually good for your health. Researchers at the University of Gena in Germany tested more than 6,000 patients and found that those who internalized anxiety had higher blood pressure. Meanwhile it was discovered that Spanish people and Italians were found to live on average two years longer.

Those who repressed their emotions were discovered to suffer from increased chance of developing a wide range of illnesses, from coronary heart disease to cancer and kidney damage. If you tend to hold in your anger, you may want to continue reading!


I'd say I'm a pretty even tempered person, but when I'm super stressed, I can lose my cool very easily. Having grown up in a Latino household, I'm used to being around short tempered people and shouting. I always thought it was a bad habit, so to learn that not suppressing negative feelings is a good thing was a relief!

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Researcher Marcus Mund explains: "These people are distinguished by the way that they attempt to conceal outward signs of fear, and also by their defensive behavior." He added that repressors also try to remain in control of themselves and their surroundings which backfires on them when faced with a stressful scenario.

"When exposed to a stressful task they exhibit a higher heart rate and pulse ratio than non-repressors and show other objective signs of stress and anxiety," Mund explained. Although it may seem like a bad thing to keep things in, there is an upside to it too.

According to the study, those who are repressors tend to recover faster from diseases because of their need to be in control and the discipline they have to change their lifestyles.

I guess it's best to have a good balance in temperament because you don't want to turn off others around you if you're always yelling or expressing negative emotions. But at least now for those of us with short temperaments we can be relieved that we aren't causing harm to our health and instead improving it!

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