7-year-old girl may hold the key to a cure for leukemia (VIDEO)

This story is downright a miracle. Seriously, it really, really is! A 7-year-old girl was on the verge of dying from leukemia when she was cured by doctors who genetically modified her very own T-cells to eradicate the cancer using personalized gene therapy.

That's right, this little girl virtually cured herself (thanks to doctors, of course) and at the same time had a terrible side effect to the therapy. The REAL miracle is that the discovery of the side effect led doctors to find an antidote which saved both the little girl AND the lives of several other patients.


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According to FoxNews.com, doctors at the University of Pennsylvania "genetically altered Emily Whitehead's own T-cells to eradicate the cancer" and, after she suffered from side effects, they were able to use that discovery to come up with an antidote that saved many patients and, well, might someday provide a real cure for childhood leukemia. The pediatric oncologist who oversaw Emily's case at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Stephan Grupp, explains:

Previous patients got sick, but it wasn't clear at the time whether it was due to the T-cells or an infection. Now, we know the main reason they were sick was the cells. But now we can intervene. She taught us.

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I'm really amazed that Emily, who was one of 10 patients that underwent this new therapy, may have provided the key to continuing with this important research to find the cure for leukemia. So far, four of the patients have been completely leukemia-free for 28 months. That's just AMAZING!

Image via Fox News

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