How do you keep up with exercise as the weather starts to get colder? I don't know about you, but I'm really trying my hardest not to go overboard this Holiday Season by making sure that I still do at least a little bit of exercise in the coming weeks. It's not always easy to get myself to the gym or go for a long walk outside (my two go-to activities). Instead, when it's chilly and I want to stay indoors, I start to rely on mobile apps to keep me motivated. That's why I love these 6 fitness apps to keep exercising all winter. Start today and continue on through Christmas and well into the new year!

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Run 5K 1

Run 5K

Image via Felt Tip Media

The thing I love about this app is that it trains you to run a 5K (3.1 miles) with easy instruction, while you listen to your own music. Plus, it has a very slow pace that simply ANYONE can do (even if you're spent the last 10 months sitting on the couch). It even includes some great stretches in between running!

Find more information on the Run 5K app website.


Pocket Yoga 2

Pocket Yoga

Image via Rainfrog LLC

If you're much more a fan of relaxing, indoor exercises, then this yoga app is perfect for you. I love yoga, especially on the weekends. Using this app helps me to customize a workout based on how much time I have and then guides me through all the necessary poses. Seriously, it's just GREAT!

Find more information on the Pocket Yoga app website.


Women's Health Workouts 3

Women's Health Workouts

Image via Rodale, Inc.

From the creators of the popular women's magazine, this app is aimed to teach women just how to properly work out their muscles. I'm always afraid of building a look that's too "bulky", so this balanced app is exactly what I've been looking for. Plus, it's super easy to use!

Find more information on the Women's Health apps website.

Nike+ Running 4

Nike+ Running

Image via Nike

This is another great running website but for completely different reasons. If you're a bigger fan of running outside (instead of on a treadmill at your local gym), then this app is made for you! It's fun because it uses GPS to map out how far you've run and tracks where you've been in the past weeks. Plus, you can share your success on your social media platforms!

Find more information on the Nike+ Running app website.


Learn Pilates 5

Learn Pilates

Image via

Pilates is one of those exercises that completely mystifies me. I've always been afraid to try it at the gym for fear of looking silly, which is why I started to rely on this app for all of my Pilates needs. I mean, with tons of celebrities crediting pilates with their hot bodies, then why not?! I'm definitely tackling this one!

Find more information on the Learn Pilates app website.


Sleep Cycle 6

Sleep Cycle

Image via Maciek Drejack Labs

One of the most important things to weight loss AND having the energy to exercise is, unsurprisingly, good sleep. The beauty of this app is that it's super sensitive and can actually detect when your body is closest to waking up, so the alarm clock goes off within your designated time but at the period when you're most ready for it--which helps you to not feel like someone just violently shook you awake.

Find more information on the Sleep Cycle app website.