Banish belly fat easily with this incredible "super food"

When you're trying to lose weight, every little bit helps. You know you have to eat a healthy diet, you know you need to get your exercise in, but you're always looking for that extra little help--that extra advantage-- that can help bring you better results quicker and easier.

I mean, I still do it myself! Even though I've developed an effective fat loss system I used to drop more than 55 pounds in just 90 days, I still try to pick up all the tips and tricks I can. And every time I pick something helpful up from other trainers, nutritionists or health coaches, I make sure to come and share it with you. Sometimes it's just nice to confirm what you already know. That's what happened to me recently, when I found out the amazing weight loss benefits of wheat germ!


I was talking with a friend of mine who happens to be a well-known health coach. We were discussing the latest trends in the fitness industry. And I told her that I noticed wheat germ was getting popular.

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In case you don't know, wheat germ has always been a favorite of mine. I've been promoting its importance for years, but it's great to see everyone else finally catching on, because it really is an amazing food. 

My friend loved wheat germ as well. And it turns out, wheat germ is even better than I thought, because it has some additional benefits I didn't even know about. I already knew that wheat germ helps lower cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, and helps fight certain cancers. I also knew that it was great for your immune system and improves digestion.

But it turns out… wheat germ is especially effective at fighting belly fat!

Why is this? Well, there are two possible reasons. First, wheat germ is rich in fiber and as we already know, fiber helps keep us full longer. It naturally helps control our appetite, so we're much less likely to start binging on unhealthy foods. It naturally causes us to want to eat less calories, so we're going to lose weight. But second, the fiber in wheat germ slows down the rate of digestion. This is huge!

Because what type of foods make us fat? Simple carbohydrates. Sugars. And why are they so harmful? Because our bodies digest them so rapidly. They're burned for energy so quickly, and then released into the blood stream. And this causes our bodies to release massive amounts of insulin, which have been shown to lead to body fat.

But by eating wheat germ with our foods, we're able to slow down the digestion. The energy is produced at a slower pace and we're able to avoid those insulin spikes that fatten our bellies! The best part is that it's so simple to use: Just add two tablespoons of wheat germ to a four ounce cup of water, stir it, and then drink it. That's it. It hardly has any taste, takes about two seconds, and then you're done, fully prepared to start melting belly-fat.

For best results, you want to drink this mixture three times a day. I usually drink it about 30 minutes after each meal--and, believe me, it works! I've used it to drop inches off my waist. Every single client that's worked this into their daily routine ended up tightening their waistlines as well.

So give it a shot. It may be that extra boost you've been looking for. If you want more proof that it works, share this with your friends as well. Then you can celebrate your results together!

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