In this sad story, a 39-year-old Florida woman who suffered from a condition that caused her to uncontrollably orgasm up to 50 times in a row non-stop has committed suicide. Gretchen Molannen suffered from persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), which is a condition that can only be partially relieved after hours of masturbation. She was found dead by police in her home but the way she died is still unknown.

PGAD makes it almost impossible for sufferers to live a normal life; I can barely imagine the physical demands and utter helplessness this condition must cause!

Before Gretchen's death, she had tried to file for disability twice before but was denied the help. She suffered from the condition for over a decade and a half, and unlike its pleasurable aspects, the orgasms caused her pain and agony and even led her to a few suicide attempts.

Something that brings most women so much sexual happiness (I mean, we're always reading advice on how to even get to the Big O or how it's the best thing ever) actually caused this woman unspeakable pain and shame. But what makes this story even sadder is the fact that a week before her death, The Tampa Bay Times had interviewed her regarding her rare disorder.

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The heartbreaking interview revealed how much this condition plagued her and the pain she went through. She recalls that one of the worst incidents was when she orgasmed 50 times in a row and felt like she was going to die.

The arousal disorder is similar to an orgasm the average woman experiences, except in her case she would get anxiety and felt traumatized and devastated. As a practicing Lutheran, Molannen felt ashamed that she would have to masturbate for long periods of time to get relief. She even hid her disorder from her parents and had to stop working in 1999 because it became too much to handle.

Most people with PGAD begin to experience the disorder because of childbirth, menopause, going off medication, or something as simple as a fall. Reportedly over a thousand women suffer from this strange condition. 

Sadly for this woman, it's too late, but maybe now society can be better informed about this sad and very serious condition. Our condolences go out to Molannen's family and we hope doctors take women with this condition more seriously to avoid other similar tragedies.

Image via Tampa Bay Times

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really sad help was not given to her.


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