We all dream about losing weight, but what typically goes hand in hand with that dream is the hope that there was a magic trick that could make it happen overnight. I welcome those tricks with open arms, and am not afraid to try them as long as they spell out healthy weight loss and say FAST as well. 

So, in my search for little tricks that come with the promise of a quick goodbye to those 10 pounds I can't wait to get rid of, these are some FABULOUS secrets that I can't wait to try. Hope they work for you too!

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5 Surprising tricks to lose weight FAST (PHOTOS)

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Hello chocolate!

A recent study by Tel Aviv University referenced in this article suggests that topping of our breakfast with a little chocolate might help bolster and maintain weight loss. Good news for those that, like me, can't live without chocolate! Did anyone say chocolate croissant, nutella over whole wheat toast or a luscious piece of chocolate cake for breakfast? I LOVE it!

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receta para pan de platano por favor!

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