31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #2

Welcome back to our 31 Days of Latinas losing weight! Did you give up coffee yesterday? Hang in there! I know it's difficult but, as you drink glass after glass of water today, you'll start to perk up and gain the natural energy that you'll only find after doing away with coffee and embracing more water, water, water! It's time for Tip #2--just what to do with your newfound energy!


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If you're really serious about losing weight, you have to start doing a little bit of exercise. Exercise alone isn't going to make you magically lose weight (trust me, I've tried) but it's a really important component of an overall healthy body, keeping off those dropped pounds and, of course, aiding in your actual weight loss as long as you're doing other things, too. 

Well, for our 31 Days of Latinas losing weight, you need to start exercising a little. But don't worry, you don't have to do TONS right away. Here's the plan: start walking! One day at a time, little by little, put on your sneakers and get outside or get on a treadmill.

The way to get into a walking habit is to start small. If you want to lose weight, you're going to have to work up to walking 40 minutes a day, 4 days a week. That's our goal, okay? We're going to do it together. 

If you don't exercise at all right now, then this is how to do it: start with 10 minutes a day, twice a day, 2 times a week this week. Then the week after do a full 20 minutes 2 times a week, after that go to 30 minutes 3 times a week, until you're doing the full 40 minutes 4 days a week during the last week of January. If you're already exercising a little, then skip to the Week 2 plan--and start moving!

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for the next 31 Days of Latinas losing weight tip!

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