It's January 1st and I know what you're thinking because, well, I'm thinking it too: MAN did I eat a ton of food over the Holidays! 

To be honest, I'm definitely feeling super bloated and not-so-great. And I know exactly what I can do to help myself: New Year's Resolution! Every single year I start off the new year with the same idea: I'm going to lose that Holiday weight. Sometimes it goes well, other times it's not as great. This year, though, I'm determined to do my very best with our new series: 31 Days of Latinas losing weight!

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For the next 31 days, we'll be providing you with my very best weight loss tips. It will range from healthy eating, portion control, exercise and more. So how do we start? Well... with Tip #1: Start drinking ONLY water! 

I know it's really hard to give up your cafecito and caffeine but trust me on this one. Giving up caffeine for a whole month is going to do wonders for your body. It won't be easy, though. For the first few days, you'll likely have a headache from giving it up. But you HAVE to hold out and keep going sans that morning cup of Joe.

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Once that first initial hump is over, you'll start to feel great. After not having soda for a whole month, for instance, you'll likely lose 3 to 4 pounds. In fact, if you give it up for a whole six months, reports show that you'll lose 20 pounds--and that's WITHOUT exercise! Pretty amazing, right? 

As for caffeine, giving it up has some pretty great benefits for your health, too. For one thing, you'll be able to sleep more, have a LOT more energy, no daytime headaches (after those first few initial ones) and you won't get that "afternoon crash". What will you do with all of that extra energy, though? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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Add Comment Are you coming aboard our 31 Days of Latinas losing weight challenge by drinking water only?
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Add Comment Are you coming aboard our 31 Days of Latinas losing weight challenge by drinking water only?

I already started this morning but it's 10 am and I am a one-pot-of-strong-coffee-a-day drinker and the headaches started sooner than I expected!!! any suggestions??? How long should the headaches last?

@Daniela Actually, as long as you skip out on the sugar for your coffee, it's mostly water. Studies have shown that  cup of java a day might actually be good for you, so don't skip out entirely, just make sure to make your cafecito SANS azucar ;)

i would suggest trying to eat a bowl of cereal like Fiber One or Special K Protein Plus everyday to get the milk to drink, instead on cafecito or just water. i hate drinking water in the morning! huge headaches!!

I have started my healthy eating this year of 2013.  I am starting by drinking lots of agua, exercise, good sleep, and eating more veges and fruits!


hola por q no lo ponen en espanol

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I am going to join your challenge !!

Yes I love to, I been eating like crazy 

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I started already with the aguita
no chinguen soy mexicanona y no leo ingles
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