It's difficult to exercise and lose weight if you're the only one doing it. There's a good reason why The Biggest Loser features teen contestants and families, since that's really the best way for you (and your loved ones) to lose weight. 

If you're really serious about dropping the pounds, then the most important thing to do is to exercise together. As Cheryl Forberg put it in the Huffington Post, weight loss is a family affair. That's why these 5 family-friendly exercises are definitely the BEST way to lose weight, since you're doing it together. That way everyone wins!

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5 Family-friendly exercises to lose weight together

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Play Some Fútbol

Get your whole family together for a rousing game of soccer, kicking the ball from one end to the other. This is a great one because you can have a group as big or little as you want, plus you can spend hours running around and having fun without even realizing you’re losing weight.

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