My cellphone is going to make me have diarrhea but I'll never stop using it!

Whenever somebody tells me that cell phones are bad for you, are going to give me cancer or make me sick, I pretty much just turn away and ignore them. Yes, I know, the radiation and blah blah blah. Honestly, I just don't care because, to be honest, at this point I could not possibly live without my smartphone. Even now, when I heard that my cell phone has as many germs as the handle of a bathroom door (GROSS!) and is probably going to give me the flu, diarrhea, or an eye infection, I just can't put it down.


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You want to know the worst part? We're actually actively adding germs to our cellphones by using them in the most convenient places. Seriously, who doesn't take their phone to the gym with them so that you can listen to music and catch up some e-mails? I know I do! I would be bored brainless and definitely NOT do as long of a workout as I usually strive for if I didn't have my go-to handheld device.

Plus, I've heard from several guy friends that the old joke about men taking a newspaper into the bathroom to do their, ahem, business has now been replaced by men taking their cellphones to do some reading.

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Yes, really, I know men who have admitted this to me and, to tell you the truth, I'm not all that surprised. We're ALL addicted! No wonder The Daily Mail is reporting that doctors are seriously concerned about our cell phone use making us sicker and sicker. But, well, what are you gonna do? I'm certainly not going to put my iPhone down any time soon! Even if it does give me diarreah… at least I'll have something to read in the bathroom!

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