Abuelitas are the key to living longer--DUH!

Well, science has proven something that any Latino family could have told you from the beginning: our grandmothers are the reason that we live longer!

Our abuelitas are the women that many of us love and appreciate from the very beginning. My mami had to work when I was younger, so of course my grandmother was the one that took care of me. She fed me, changed me, clothed me, and took care of me. Well, apparently thanks to the "Grandmother Hypothesis", grandmothers may actually be the reason why humans have MUCH longer lifespans than other primates.


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The new study from the University of Utah has given credit to the "Grandmother Hypothesis", which suggests that "women live long after menopause because there's an evolutionary advantage to having an older relative around to help moms care for their kids," according to MSN Now.

The study did simulations on chimpanzees by running a computer program that had females live beyond their usual 30s and 40s, when chimps (and humans) stop being fertile. Apparently, the simulations led to those computerized chimps eventually having as long of a lifespan as we humans. Isn't that just CRAZY?! It turns out that our abuelitas really ARE the key to living longer--literally!

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Well, that certainly explains a lot of why our grandmothers are there to take care of us. I've certainly always appreciated it, and I know my mami appreciated the help as well. It's a cycle that keeps on turning in our families, and it makes me love all of our abuelitas even more. So, well, I'd just like to say thank you to our abuelas for keeping us living longer!

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