5 Energy alternatives to your cafecito in the morning!

It's no secret that us Latinos cannot part ways with our coffee. The majority of Americans can't resist a good Colombian roast blend as much as us, so why should we give up a good thing? But what if I told you that there are other ways to gain that energy you need without the caffeine in your morning cup of joe?

I know today is National Espresso Day, but there are other options to that cup of cafecito to get your energy started in the mornings--if you're willing to give them a shot. Here are my 5 personal favorite alternatives for the energy you'll need to maintain throughout the day!


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Tea: Often underrated, tea is a great alternative because not only can some herbs offer nutrients, but it is a safer alternative to the addictive caffeine in coffee. Try our traditional Yerba Maté blends or green tea for an added antioxidant boost and to help you wean off your coffee cravings.  

Bananas and apples: Fruits such as bananas and apples are excellent food choices in the morning because not only do they provide energy, but offer good carbs, vitamins and minerals.  Pair them with some peanut butter for an extra protein boost!

Almonds: One of the best nuts in the food group, almonds provide fiber, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and best of all energy!

Yogurt: Yogurt provides calcium, protein and energy boosting supplements which keep you full and is great to have before work or a workout. Make sure to choose lowfat and top with your favorite cereal for an extra yummy crunch.

Oatmeal: Paired with the right topping--like those energy-boosting bananas I mentioned above!--helps keep you full for a good portion of the day. Trust me on this one, it works! The grains also provide you with complex carbs and vitamins which help give you energy and keep your stress levels balanced.

Now that you know a few of my little secrets to gaining energy throughout the day, go out and try them! I promise you won't be disappointed…and if you really can't stave off that coffee, try to switch it up with these alternatives a few times a week.

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