Woman loses 160 pounds, documents dramatic progress with photos

Julia Kozerski got married in July 2009. Shortly after, she decided to "make a series of changes to my lifestyle in order to lose weight." In the year that followed, she lost over 160 pounds and, while working on a photography degree, she documented her journey using self-portraits by snapping photos of her in different changing rooms. Now she's showing off her dramatic weight loss by releasing those photos (and her story) on her website and I have one thing to say: WOW!


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The documented series of photographs called "Changing Room", appearing on her personal website, were all taken in dressing rooms between 2010 and 2011 as she struggled to lose weight both physically and emotionally. She describes her journey:

Both in front of the lens and not, I struggled to come to terms with my changing body. As the weight came off, the shape of my body shifted dramatically and the monumental task of maintaining a well-fitting wardrobe ensued. I felt lost, not understanding the person looking back at me in the mirror. My physique was always in a state of flux and, in an attempt to strike a balance between how I felt and how I looked, I ventured out to stores on a daily basis, piling my arms full of clothing of all shapes and sizes. There was no method to my madness and I subsequently spent hours within the confines of store dressing rooms trying to "find" myself.

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As someone who has lost and is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss, I can definitely relate to where she's coming from. Losing that much weight isn't just a toll on your body, but also on your emotional state. Still, it's pretty impressive to see her story of an incredible weight loss through photographs. I mean, doesn't she look amazing?!

Images via Julia Kozerski

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