Are kids going hungry at school due to the new USDA lunch guidelines? (VIDEO)

New York City public schools have a deep commitment to the war on childhood obesity, but, unfortunately for the kids, they're not exactly going about it the right way all the time since they've sometimes resorted to cutting calories to the point that they've served kids less than required by the federal government. Of course, even those numbers aren't enough. At least, not according to a new video by hungry students complaining about how the U.S. Department of Agriculture's guidelines are leaving them hungry.


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In the "We Are Hungry" video, below, a group of teenagers in Kansas are protesting the USDA's school lunch guidelines. Changing the lyrics to Fun.'s song "We Are Young", the kids sing about how they aren't getting enough food on their lunch trays at Wallace County High. Lead singer Callahan Grund sings "Give me seconds, I need to get some food today."

He goes through the song, singing about how he's hungry and his friends are all out buying junk food so that they don't waste away. They also point to the 850 calorie limit by the USDA's Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act and underline "hungry-free", wishing that they didn't feel so hungry. I tend to agree with the kids, only I don't want them to be fed more feta cheese, I want them to just get more fruits and veggies! Can we make that happen, USDA?

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