OH NO! Sleeping in on weekends could be bad for your health

I love my weekend sleep. Ever since I can remember (probably middle school), I've been a perpetual night owl. The only problem? I also have to wake up pretty early for class (back then) and for work (these days). 

"No problem," I always thought, "I'll just make up for the sleep this weekend!" Well, as much as I've read about sleep debt and how inadequate sleep can seriously mess with your body's functions, now it also turns out that sleeping in on the weekends is actually BAD for you. Um, what?!


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If you're feeling tired on Monday mornings, then perhaps the answer is to not sleep in on the weekends. That makes me kind of upset because I just LOVE my sleep on weekends but apparently I may be seriously messing up my body's circadian cycle.  

That cycle lasts 24 hours and, if you sleep in, your body will get confused and basically annoyed at you--hence the issues and why you may need extra coffee on Monday. According to Jezebel.com, sleep expert Dr. Gregory Carter at the University of Texas Southwestern recommends that you "simply go to bed earlier on the weekends".

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Okay, I am seriously bummed about this news. Now I'm not even allowed to sleep a little extra on weekends? To be honest, as much as I don't want to mess up my sleep schedule and feel more tired at the start of the week, the thought of going to sleep as early on Saturday as I do on a Tuesday night is simply a nightmare. I mean, seriously, no sleeping in ever again? That's just rough.

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