Perez Hilton shows off dramatic weight loss in the buff on new off-Broadway show!

WOW. Just… WOW. That sound you hear is my mouth dropping open when I saw Perez Hilton's sexy new NUDE photos of him starring in the off-Broadway hit NEWSical.

Not only is it the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media's theater debut, but he's debuting QUITE the body. Finally showing off his Before & After photos on, he writes about the struggle to lose over 80 pounds and just HOW he did it all!


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He definitely worked incredibly hard and I am just so incredibly amazed that he lost all that weight "the healthy way!" as he says. He also reminds people that it's not easy since it's also the "painful way," "the slow and steady way," with "no surgery! No drugs! No gimmicks! No shortcuts!"

Obviously proud of his accomplishment, he's showing off his super-toned body while playing the naked Prince Harry in NEWSical and, to be honest, I am DYING to see the show!

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What's the most inspirational thing about the man whose real name is Mario Lavandeira and who features his Latina mami in some of his videos? The fact that he not only did it on his own but he's open about how "EVERYTHING has changed, from our body to our energy! And we are sooooo happier!" That's DEFINITELY something that we all should strive for!

Way to go Perez! Way to set such a great example for the entire Latino community!!!

Images via Perez Hilton

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