Dear science: Please don't cover my bananas in shellfish!

Science can be really cool sometimes, like when scientists land the Curiosity rover on Mars or when they hopefully one day develop a cure for all cancers. Of course, then sometimes they do something so stupid and crazy that I don't even know how to react except to say: WHY are scientists now wanting to coat bananas with a spray derived from shrimp and crab shells?! That is just INSANE!!!


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Apparently the spray is supposed to keep the bananas from going brown for an extra two weeks, according to I have a question though: why exactly do we need this feature? Why can't we just, you know, eat the bananas before they go bad? Is that really such a revolutionary idea that we'd rather genetically modify a perfectly harmless fruit than just, oh I don't know, eating it sooner? Please tell me that's actually something that's possible!

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Probably the only good thing about all this is that these are technically all-natural preservatives. But, seriously, I absolutely do not understand why we need to ruin bananas this way. What about people who are allergic to shellfish or those that choose not to eat meat? Are we seriously going to deny them the wonderful, delicious banana? This is just bonkers and I am praying that it isn't going to happen. I certainly don't want any of those weird modified bananas! Personally, I am going to just eat my bananas on time or, ya know, freeze them before they go bad to throw into smoothies--but I certainly WON'T be having shellfish-coated bananas!

Image via Fernando Stankuns/flickr

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