How mood music & sexy lighting can help you lose weight

You'd think that going to a fancy restaurant with plenty of mood lighting, fancy tablecloths and smooth music would give you the encouragement to eat tons of food since, you know, you'd assume that it tastes better than any chain or fast food joint. Turns out that's not the case, though! A new study has just found that people who are in a fine dining section of a fast food restaurant didn't order any extra food and actually ate almost 200 calories less. Plus, they thought the food tasted better!


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I think this just all goes to prove that the right atmosphere will help you eat healthier. I've long heard that the best thing for weight loss was to sit down and eat WITHOUT all of the distractions like work or television. There have been studies in the past that showed people ate more calories when chowing down in front of the TV, but apparently that's just not true!

The study, done by researchers at Cornell University, took a section of a Hardee's fast food restaurant in Illinois and "was made over into a fine dining establishment, complete with mood lighting, fancy tablecloths, and smooth jazz; the rest of the restaurant remained unchanged," according to The results showed that the fine dingers are 175 calories less than those in the fast-food section.

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Of course, this all sounds pretty romantic to me so I wouldn't mind taking a stab at the study myself. I mean, if some low lighting and soft music is going to help me lose weight, then why not make this a routine every night of the week? That's definitely something that I'm willing to try! And, well, if it sets the mood for me and my honey, that's not too bad either.

What do you think about this study about low lighting and soft music helping you eat less? Will you be trying this technique? Share with us in the comments below!

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