Is red wine really only good for you if it's non-alcoholic?

Oh NO! Picture me screaming "NO" at the top of my lungs as I read this news today: a new study has found that drinking two glasses of red wine really CAN help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease but that's ONLY if the alcohol has been removed.

Say what?! Red wine without alcohol? That's like saying arroz con pollo without the chicken. What's the point of that?


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I honestly don't understand how this is true. I mean, what about all of the previous studies that have said that a serving of red wine and, in fact, of any alcohol, is good for your cardiovascular health? I mean, a tequila shot can save your life, right?

Well, in this new study published in the journal Circulation Research, Spanish investigators tested 67 men with "several cardiovascular risk factors or diabetes" and had them drink non-alcoholic red wine, red wine, or gin with their meals in different phases. The only time they saw a drop in blood pressure was when they drank the non-alcoholic wine, according to ABC News.

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Although the dip in pressure was just a few points, researchers claim that it translated "into a 14 percent reduced risk for coronary heart disease and a 20 percent decrease in risk for strokes." That's definitely pretty big numbers, but I'm still a little sad to hear that it only applies to non-alcoholic red wine. Though, I have to say, I'm taking this one with a grain of salt after the numerous studies that have previously said that red wine is good for you. Or maybe I'm just in denial.

Do you believe this news that red wine is only good for you if it's non-alcoholic? Will this make you stop drinking red wine? Share with us in the comments below!

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