Sugar & junk food WILL make you an idiot

Well, we recently found out that being obese can actually make you LITERALLY lose your mind thanks to a French report that linked being overweight to dementia later on in life. Well, now an Australian study may have figured out another piece to that puzzle: it turns out a diet high in sugar and processed foods can lead to brain shrinkage due to high blood sugar levels. In the end, this can lead to your brain actually shrinking--something that typically occurs because of age and dementia.


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It turns out that people who have blood sugar levels between 4 mL to 6.1 mL had a greater risk of brain atrophy (a.k.a. when your brain tissue loses cells or the neurons that make the connections), according to researchers at the Australian National University's College of Medicine. Basically, this means that sugar isn't JUST bad for you because it can cause diabetes and make you obese! Dr. Nicolas Cherbuin, who conducted the study, explains:

These findings suggest that even for people who do not have diabetes, higher blood sugar levels could have an impact on brain health. More research is needed, but these findings may lead us to re-evaluate the concept of normal blood sugar levels and the definition of diabetes.

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Well, that's certainly not good news for those of us who love our sweets. And yes, I admit that I am definitely one of them--but I do try to keep it in check by only indulging in moderation. Luckily, there ARE a few things you can do to lower your blood sugar according to the research: including eating low-glycemic foods, avoiding sugary soft drinks and highly processed foods. Oh yes, and physical activity always helps!

Are you surprised to find that sugar can actually shrink your brain? Will this make you have less sweets? Share with us in the comments below!

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