The #1 reason your man should be indulging in chocolate too

Good news, ladies! Now when your hubby asks you why you've got so much chocolate in the house (cause, admit it: you know you do!), you can tell him that it's really ALL for him.

Okay, maybe not all--but there IS good news when it comes to men and chocolate. We chicas may love the sweet treat for those days when we're feeling bloated or stress or we're about to start our periods or a million other reasons, but your man should be indulging a bit, too, since it will help reduce his risk of stroke!


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This is all based on a new study that has found that the men who are the most chocolate (that's 63 grams per week, NOT an insane amount) actually reduced their chances of suffering a stroke by a whopping 17 percent! The study, published in the journal Neurology, has demonstrated cardiovascular benefits for men--something which research has proven long ago is good for women.

The sad part is that we don't yet know exactly why this is true, but I'm celebrating anyway! As with wine, though, doctors warn that this does NOT mean that you or your love should start eating chocolate all the time. It's all about moderation and, if you're obese or overweight, the risk of stroke can also be reduced with eating more fruits, vegetables and legumes, according to the LA Times.

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Either way, though, I'm really excited about this news. I mean, who doesn't want their man to join them in some much-needed chocolate eating at the end of a long day? And if it's good for YOUR heart and HIS, then we're all winners. In moderation, of course.

Does your man love chocolate? Are you happy to hear that it's good for him, too? Share with us in the comments below!

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