Best news EVER: Shorter workouts equal greater weight loss

As someone who admittedly doesn't love working out even as I am always reminding myself that it is something that I absolutely MUST do, I couldn't be more thrilled by this news: A study has found that you will actually lose more weight with 30 minutes of exercise than with 60 minutes. Isn't that crazy?!

If you're like me and can barely stomach an hour on the treadmill, then this news is pretty much like Christmas. At least that's how I feel! Seriously, I'm about to go to the gym and HALLELUJAH! I only have to go there for half an hour this time.


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What's the deal, though? The study in the American Journal of Physiology reports that "the men who exercised longer lost only 6 pounds, while the shorter-duration group lost 7.9 pounds," according to Why exactly did they get these results, though? It seems that the researchers are currently stumped, with The Atlantic reporting that:

They suggest that less exercise may be associated with a greater willingness to engage in other forms of physical activity throughout the day that they did not measure, or that the more intense workouts may have lead to more compensatory food intake (though, within the limits of this study, they measured no difference).

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Well, between needing only 20 minutes of interval training to get a built body and this news that just 30 minutes of cardio is what you need for weight loss, I think my new favorite thing is to work out without stressing myself out (as in, less time!). This is definitely going to encourage me to do it a bit more often, too.

Is the news that you only have to do cardio for 30 minutes going to help you to do it more often? Share with us in the comments below!

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