This rude doctor refused care for an overweight patient! (VIDEO)

Say WHAT?! A doctor in Massachusetts has just become the #1 idiot on my list for refusing to treat a patient because the woman is overweight.

Mind you, Ida Davidson, who admits that her weight goes up and down, is over 200 pounds--but she's not exactly HUGE! Never mind, aren't doctors actually supposed to be helping people? This woman clearly just wanted some medical assistance and thedoctor's refusal is just, well, downright WRONG—even if the American medical Association's Council on Ethics and Judicial Affairs says it's okay.


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Their policy reads that "physicians do not give up their freedom of association by merely becoming professionals", which basically means that they can deny anyone service. Now, I can understand them wanting to have that protection just in case, but when is it too much if a doctor is turning down a patient that needs their care? I mean, seriously, why did you become a doctor in the first place?!

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The story of Ida and her potential physician, Dr. Helen M. Carter, makes me really, really sad. It would have been one thing if the doctor recommended a better place for Ida or gave her tips on how to lose weight so that she could be better treated, but Ida believes that "I may be high risk for her and too much work." I  mean, yeah, it's a liability issue but it still makes me sick to my stomach that this jerk doctor refused patient care. How is she supposed to ever get healthier if doctor's can just refuse to treat her for ANYTHING?!

Do you think this doctor was right to refuse treatment to an overweight patient? Share with us in the comments below!

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