Pre-Eating before a fiesta will help you lose weight

Whenever my family gets together for a big party, I always do the same thing: starve myself all day because I know that I'll be eating TONS later. I am always worried about eating too much, so I figure that not eating earlier in the day is the only way that I can save calories. It seems like I might be doing it the wrong way though, since the strategy of pre-eating before an indulgent night out may actually be the best way to lose weight. 


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Okay, seriously, who would have thought this to be true? However, Yoni Freedhoff makes the very good point that the basic drive to eat may actually drive you crazy if you've been trying save up your calories all day. On US News' Eat + Run health blog, he writes:

Remember, hunger always wins out. There's no doubt that if you save up your calories for dinner, by the time dinner finally comes around, your body's drive to survive will have taken over and you can kiss thoughtful restraint goodbye.

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I know it might be a little hard to believe, but I can definitely see his strategy working. I definitely know that my idea to not eat all day ends up with me eating WAY too much in the end, so maybe the smarter choice would be to have a healthy snack or even a light salad just before heading to a fiesta. If having food throughout the day and just before is going to keep me from overindulging in the long run, then that's definitely something I am going to do.

Do you pre-eat before a night out? Will you be trying this strategy? Share with us in the comments below!

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