See what Barbie's proportions look like on a real woman! (PHOTO)

As beloved as Barbie is, she's long-sine caused controversy for her unrealistic portrayal of the female body. From the stick thin figure to the disproportionate curves, the doll's unattainable image has been widely debated. Now, a new photograph is actually highlighting how Barbie's proportions would look on an actual human woman--and the results are pretty terrifying!


In the photo, model Katie Halchishick, who is also the co-founder of an organization called Healthy is The New Skinny, poses naked with the doll's proportions drawn out onto her exposed body....and the major differences are shocking! According to the marked lines on her body, Halchishick (who looks like she already has an incredibly nice figure!) would be half her normal size with huge eyes, a pencil thin neck and face, and weirdly perky boobs. The overall effect is not just impossible--it's also freakish and alien-like. 

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Though I know that Barbie is just a toy and that it's unrealistic (not to mention, more than a little insane) for any woman to strive to look like her, I still have to admit that this photo left me stunned. After all, young girls all around the world grow up playing with Barbie--it's no wonder that the moment they hit puberty, they feel the need to diet and start wearing Spanx!

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When the photo was originally tweeted out by an Australian blog, its caption read "Barbie vs. A Real Girl." Well, call me crazy…but I definitely prefer the real girl!

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Image via So Bad So Good/Twitter

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