Kirstie Alley sued by angry customer who was not losing enough weight

There's a whole list of celebrities who get paid to, well, lose weight. From Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson being spokeswomen for Weight Watchers to Mariah Carey and Valerie Bertinelli doing the same for Jenny Craig.

Then, of course, there's the famous Kirstie Alley who started losing a ton of weight as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman, then regained a lot of it and finally settling to endorse Organic Liaison (a company she co-created) while also appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Now the star is getting sued--all because an unhappy customer thinks she should have lost just as much weight!


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Marina Abramyan is accusing Kristie of making "false and misleading advertising claims" because the star lost over 60 pounds while on DTWS and being a customer of Organic Liaison--and apparently this woman did not see the same results. To be honest, this all seems a little bit silly to me. This woman likely didn't lose that amount of weight because she obviously wasn't exercising as much as Kristie was!

Not that Kirstie was exercising on purpose necessarily, but I'm a big believer that the combination of healthy diet and a good amount of working out is the ultimate key to weight loss. How could this woman be really all that surprised that she didn't lose weight, when it's very well known that DWTS competitors lose weight due to all of the hours they spend dancing each day? Heck, if I was doing ANY kind of strenuous, physical activity every single day, I would be losing weight, too!

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The lawsuit is really just completely ridiculous, isn't it? I think we need to stop relying on the stars to tell us what their favorite form of weight loss is (as admirable as many of their successes are!) and rely on what our bodies tell us. I've done Weight Watchers and gotten a gastric bypass. If Organic Liaison isn't working for her, then Marina needs to try something else and stop blaming Kirstie for her own failures. Seriously, girl, just MOVE ON and try something else.

Do you think it's right to sue a celebrity if you don't see the same weight loss results? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Organic Liaison

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