I gained 15 pounds--here's my plan to lose it FAST!

I had quite an unwelcome wake-up call this weekend. You see, I recently moved, and between the cross-country drive, an awesome new promotion and a steady stream of visitors to our West Coast abode, I'd sort of lost track of all the late-night dinners, cocktails and gab-fests I've been indulging in.

Well, it hit home about a week ago when I tried on my fave jeans and they just looked so NOT like my fave jeans. They used to be my fave because they hugged my curves in all the right places. Now, the only curve I could really pay attention to was the one above my waistband--as in my muffin top. I almost had a heart attack, so I looked for my scale so I could jump on it. 

This is where the horror began...


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I conveniently "forgot" to pack our scale. Maybe subconsciously I did it on purpose...who knows? Anyways, I eventually dragged my butt to Target to buy a new scale and last night I weighed myself and let me just tell you, it was NOT pretty. I basically dissolved into a pile of tears. Thank GOD I was alone.

My hubby came home and immediately noticed something was wrong. He kept pushing but I was embarrassed to tell him and then suddenly I just blubbered, "I'm fat!" He was confused, but he stuck with me until i finally explained to him that I'd gained weight unwittingly and was now pretty much heavier than I'd ever been in my life.

Of course, he is super supportive and amazing--but now I'm struggling with something I've never really had to face before: Losing and maintaining an ideal weight. This whole situation is made more complicated by the fact that we've discussed trying for a baby in the next couple of years and I REALLY want to make sure that I'm at my optimum weight before I get pregnant. I've seen what pregnancy can do to a woman's body and I'd like the best chance possible of getting back to my normal self afterwards. Everyone I've ever spoken to has told me that it's a million times easier to get back into shape after a pregnancy if you are in shape before it.

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So, I've got a goal to work towards. I need to lose 15 pounds, and quick, so that I can look hot for my 2-year wedding anniversary. Then I'd like to lose another 15 pounds before we decide to really start trying for a baby. But first things first: How am I going to lose this first 15 by October?

Here's my plan ladies:

1. I signed up for Weight Watchers and am now charting pretty much everything that goes in to my mouth (I know, I know, "That's what SHE said!"). This has literally shifted my thinking and has me thinking hard about my meals before I sit down to eat, something I never really did before. You can do the same (for free) just by starting a food journal--a recent study proved that dieters who track their meals can lose up to 6 more pounds than those who do not.

2. I'm setting aside at least one hour every day to dedicate to fitness, on top of my regular activity level. The thing about this weight gain that really freaks me out, ladies, is that I'm not even a sedentary person! I'm always running around, going hiking, walking, dancing whatever. But the 8 hours a day I am chained to my computer is really starting to take a toll! Plus, I NEVER make time for myself, and this is a life skill everyone needs to have.

3. I've signed up for a bunch of classes. I'm in a new city, so I figure I might as well try new things, right? Right now, I'm signed up for a Boot Camp, some Bar Method classes and I might try out some paddle boarding as well.

4. I got my family in on the act. My husband is a ball of energy and he's always down to join a workout and go on a walk or a hike with me, which is super motivating.

5. I'm trying Rasberry Ketones. I, like so many of you lovely ladies out there, am a Dr. Oz devotee. So while I'd never normally buy a supplement in the hopes that it will be some miracle drug, I've read a lot of the studies and it seems like Rasberry Ketones might be just the boost I need to get this weight-loss off the ground.

Has weight gain ever snuck up on you like this? What are your best weight loss tips?

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